Last Updated: Aug-2009

Barnes & Noble - UWS - WiFi HotSpot

Barnes & Noble have decided to make their wifi access free at all of their locations.

At the upper west side store you'll find a small cafe on the mezzanine in the back. It can seat about 50 but the tables are jammed next to one another with very little elbow room.

A popular watering hole for the laptop crowd, coupled with the anemic connection speed means you could be in for a frustrating web surfing experience. Long pauses and dropped connections are common in these situations.

There is a small bar where you can get coffee, tea and an assortment of pastries and baked goods (think Starbucks food).

No power outlets.

2289 Broadway
New York   NY   10024    
Phone: 212 362-8835

Cross Street:       82-83 Street
Neighborhood:    Upper West Side

Provider type:    Cafe
SSID:    attwifi

Avg D/L speed:   300   kbps
Avg U/L speed:   300   kbps

Status:   Active
Power Outlets:   No

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